Answerphone and Broardband

  poprob 12:50 17 May 04

Is it possible to set up an answerphone on my computer?I used to have a one when I was running 95 no ME.

  mdshamilton 12:53 17 May 04

If you're on broadband - I assume using ADSL, then it's not strictly on the same "line" as the telephone so setting up a PC based answerphone wouldn't work.

  Gemma 13:15 17 May 04

Your ADSL line has two functions, the broadband always on digital channel and a plain old fashioned telephone line. Faxes use the telephone line. If you want to send and receive faxes or have an answerphone on your PC then you will need a regular dial up fax/data modem in addition to your ADSL modem.
Plug the phone line from the ADSL filter into the fax/data modem and the broadband line into your ADSL modem. You can use an internal PCI modem or and external serial or USB modem.

  poprob 13:33 17 May 04

Thanks the both of you its a bit to complicated for me so I'll forget it.

  2neat 15:17 17 May 04

if you have the software and modem then yes.

  computernerdiamnot 16:10 17 May 04

It is not difficult or hard just plug your modem and fax cable into the next slot on the filter if using adsl or the phone socket if you are using cable and set the settings on your answering machine software i.e answer after 5 rings and set your message or use the automated message.

  poprob 21:16 17 May 04

Thanks for that and taking the trouble to answer,I have an internal modem and its a pity not to make use of it so I will give it a try.
Thanks again

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