Anquet Map Will not run (all versions)

  Pendari 19:08 PM 22 Jun 12

No expectations of a result as The Aquet Map people after a many attempts have abandoned the cause. Version 6 and the later Outdoor Map Navigator 7fail to open or in the case of OMN load. Running W7 home on an HP desktop with Norton 360 installed. Under advice tried admin rights settings total delete and reinstalls etc. Any help appreciated.

  Nontek 20:09 PM 22 Jun 12

What's wrong with Google Earth? I have never used/heard of Anquet Maps, until now, but believe Google Earth is probably better.

  Quickbeam 20:33 PM 22 Jun 12

Google Earth is an aerial photo viewer, Anquet, MemoryMap and a few others are digital full detail OS mapping as printed on the paper OS maps.

  Nontek 20:50 PM 22 Jun 12


GE is also a good Map. Anquet looks fine, if it works, which is not the case here.

MemoryMap is probably OK, apart from the music! I don't like Sites that open with background music.

  Quickbeam 21:09 PM 22 Jun 12

I can't see the army ditching proper topographic detail for somebodies snapshot detail for campaigning anytime soon!

  Nontek 21:28 PM 22 Jun 12

Agreed, I used to be considered an expert Map Reader while in the Army, probably because I was also a Car Rally enthusiast, having double-figure wins under my belt! Long time age!

Anyway, I was only suggesting an alternative for Pendari who is having Anquet problems.

  Woolwell 21:49 PM 22 Jun 12

Assume that you have tried right click run as administrator?


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