Another Which Laptop Question

  HIG6241 16 May 12

Hi all. I would really appreciate some advice with regards to the two laptops linked below. I can only buy from Currys/PC World as I have vouchers. I will be using the computer to edit photos, some home movie editing (I am not planning on making the next Pixar movie or anything) and some light gaming. The Sims, Total War that sort of thing. Although it would be nice if I could play things like Skyrim on it.

Which of these represents best value/future proofing. I have had my old Toshiba Satellite for 5 years until it finally gave up on me.


  frybluff 17 May 12

First thing to get out of the way, is that the terms "laptop" and "future proof" are mutually exclusive. The market is moving too fast. I bought a "top of the line", four months ago, and, already, it feels a bit dated.

Laptops with high performance "Ivybridge" processors, are coming on the market. Windows 8 will soon be with us.

The Samsung is a safe enough choice. I would say that, whilst it does have a "graphics card", it's fairly entry level. It will play some games, reasonably, but its capabilities are limited. I would also say that, for the price, I would expect a bit better webcam.

The HP, probably, is better value for money. Whilst I wouldn't claim any great knowledge of AMD, the A8 is reasonably good, and graphics look promising. It's still got a rubbish webcam, but you wouldn't expect much better, at the price. My slight concern would be over reliability/ after sales service, although I may be being harsh. You should check out some user reviews.

Before you decide, I would suggest checking out Asus and Acer. I would have thought they could provide some interesting options (even Toshiba, again. Their game capable options are quite good, if a little pricey).


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