Another tiscali question

  misters 19:27 19 Mar 03

Can anybody tell me when tiscali will be up and running again, I have a lot of important e mails i have to read before a deadline, well important to me anyway.
thanx in advance.

  MAJ 19:30 19 Mar 03

It's working well here, misters.

  Stuartli 19:46 19 Mar 03

No problems with Tiscali...:-)

Now in the case of PCA's website it's a different story.

Not been able to get on until just now for 36 hours....:-(

  misters 20:14 19 Mar 03

I'm affraid everytime i go onto the website i get a popup saying "there site is been hit by a denial service attack and doing everything to protect there service. So I cant understand why some folk are getting the service and others aren't.
Please if anyone else is getting problems please let me know as i hope its just not me.

  MAJ 21:07 19 Mar 03

Their website is okay for me, misters. In any case the website doesn't have to be working for you to collect your email, you can do that through Outlook Express or other email client.

  Cyclone 21:40 19 Mar 03

If you read the message about the service denial properly you will find that access is only denied to people who are not connecting through Tiscali. I suspect you are using another ISP to access your Tiscali email. Until their problem is sorted out you will not be able to collect or send mail.

  flecc 21:51 19 Mar 03

Using Tiscali and there was a momentary problem with the mail server but that's now cleared.

  spuds 22:25 19 Mar 03

Tiscali was slow over the weekend, and they stated that there were problems with the Chat service. Everything seems fine now, and all working well.

  Stuartli 23:32 19 Mar 03

Been getting a lot of dropped connections, which is most unusual for me with Tiscali, but otherwise can get on the website OK.

  anchor 09:45 20 Mar 03

Well, it does`nt work for me. I have just tried again to collect my LineOne e-mails without success.

I understand that LineOne and Tiscali are the same, and connecting via my LineOne dialup account fails to recover my messages.

  huzzar 09:51 20 Mar 03

All you people who use Tiscali just for emails and connect to the Internet using another ISP just as I do - my advice is this.

connect to the Internet using the Tiscali phone number - collect your mail and log off.

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