Another thing with windows xp

  suburban train 00:09 21 Feb 03

Ive heard that windows xp contains spyware, is this true and how do i remove those nasties!

  Forum Editor 00:15 21 Feb 03

contain spyware - that's an urban myth, one of many.

Contrary to popular belief, Microsoft has better things to do than spy on the habits of its customers. Neither Bill Gates, nor anyone else at Microsoft has the slightest interest in the contents of anyone's data files - they've got better things to do with their time.

There are certainly Microsoft databases that hold information submitted by consumers, but that information is never just taken - there's always a permission procedure involved, no matter what anyone might tell you to the contrary.Even then the information is almost without exception non-user specific - no personal details are stored.

  Djohn 00:25 21 Feb 03

knowledge boy, only today, I did a clean install of win xp, and Works suite 2003.

With both of them, I activated and registered via the net. At no time was I required to send personal information, unless I wanted to. J.

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