Another new site

  steve263000 10:59 05 Aug 10

I have been working on an addition to click here as I had plenty of space on my host I have created another site about my favourite sitcoms.

click here is the site and I have tried to use the help that I got from forum member on my last upload.

Not everyone will like the colour but it is meant to be FUN! and will stay until I get fed up and change it.

Any feedback or critique will be welcomed.

  steve263000 11:02 05 Aug 10

For some reason the links are not working. I will sort that out and get back.

  steve263000 11:18 05 Aug 10

There was a problem with the Navbar and that has now been fixed if anyone wants to check out the site.

  anchor 14:32 05 Aug 10

Enjoyed the site; brought back many happy memories.

One notable omission from the 60`s and 70`s was "Dads Army", which is still being shown. Something for you to consider in the future.

Remember this:

click here

  steve263000 17:13 05 Aug 10

Well forum member if that is the worst that you can come up with, then I have not done to badly. Thanks for that and I will sort them out.

  steve263000 06:45 06 Aug 10

Once again Forum member you have looked over and found things that I had not. I always value your opinion. If I did not I would not post on here. I will have a look at those items and sort them out in a day or two.

Work has called once again now and I have to get to it.

Some of the capitalization comes from the actual title of the sitcoms and the way they were put at the time.

I have tried as far as possible to be faithful to the original title and I will check them again. If the original title by the BBC or whoever made it included the way that I have put it then I will leave it but if not I will correct it.


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