another new avast! home program version 4.7.938

  jolorna 11:46 15 Jan 07

another new avast! home edition version 4.7.938 this morning requires a restart

  Stuartli 12:39 15 Jan 07

The only link I can find is to 4.7.936, released on the 12th:

click here

Same on FileHippo and MajorGeeks.

  jolorna 12:56 15 Jan 07

if you right click the avast icon / updating / program update you will get it, thats how i got it this morning,hope this helps

  Stuartli 13:21 15 Jan 07

Thanks for that.

  Stuartli 10:43 17 Jan 07

Just downloaded yet another new version, 4.7.432.

  Daibus 11:13 17 Jan 07

Just downloaded version 4.7.942.

  desi3026 12:12 17 Jan 07

Thanks for that info on 4.7.942.
They are coming thick and fast from Avast lately.
Downloaded and installed with no probs.Wonder what the changes were this time?

  jolorna 12:18 17 Jan 07

yes im up to 4.7.942 now

  Stuartli 13:19 17 Jan 07

Actually my version is also .942 (did it from memory and way out!)

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