Another Minor Excel Query! (VoG? Whisperer?)

  Ben Avery 09:11 03 Sep 03


I have a flight plan spreadsheet with filters on it but I need to run a filter which takes 2 criteria from 2 different columns (hence the auto filter is no help).

In column "C" I have "Work Location" and in column "K" I have # signs to denote those who travel Business Class and * signs for something else.

I need to filter the sheet to show the following:

1) All personnel working in the Training Department section in column "C"


2) All personnel who currently travel Business class (those who have a # sign in column "K")

The trouble I have, only being used to the auto filter, is that I can set the filter to select one or the other criteria but not both together as when the auto filter selects the "Training Department" personnel, those with # signs in column "K" get hidden as they are not part of this department.

How do you do this?



  Ben Avery 11:36 03 Sep 03


Come on guys, you normally love getting ya heads round these sort of things!



  VoG II 12:57 03 Sep 03

You need to use Data/Filter/Advanced filter to do this.

It would take far too long to explain how to do this. Have a look in Help for Advanced Filter - there are instructions and examples.

Good luck!

  Ben Avery 13:01 03 Sep 03

Is it seriously that complicated?!

You'd think it'd be obvious that people would want to do this and that it'd be a relatively easy thing to accomplish!

I did have a look at the help section but ended up chasing my tail - I'll have another browse through and try to get my head round it!

Thanks chap.


  Ben Avery 09:03 04 Sep 03

I've sorted it by re-reading and re-reading the help section until it clicked what it was trying to say!

All done now so thanks VoG for getting me to re-read it and understanding how it works.


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