Another homepage problem!!

  SlinkyMalinky 21:38 29 Aug 05

Hopefully, someone can help me. I've been throught some of the previous messages re the above, but not sure which would help.

I used to have the Weight Watchers homepage as my default homepage, but since I'm not using them anymore (yay! chocolate!!) I decided to change my homepage, via the usual route (tools; internet options, etc.) The enxt time I used my internet explorer, it had reverted back to the Weight Watchers hoepage again. Even when I don't come out of internet explorer, when I check the internet options to see what it has as my homepage, lo! it's Weight Watchers again. After not getting anywhere by contacting Weight Watchers themselves, I am now tearing my hair out trying to resolve the problem. I've downloaded and scanned with HijackThis, so I have a logfile waiting to be read by someone who knows what they're looking for (unlike me!)
Anyone help? Please?!


  AndySD 22:02 29 Aug 05

Try posting it here You will need to cut it in 2 and paste each half seperatly

  VoG II 22:02 29 Aug 05

This is not a hijack as such.

Download StartpageGuard click here then reset your home page and lock it.

  SlinkyMalinky 15:59 30 Aug 05

Thank you for the info. Looks as though this has worked. Don't understand why the other one stuck. I'd even looked through my registry to see if anything obvious was there that I could delete.
However, this has done the trick so a thousand thanks!

Fi ;)

  SlinkyMalinky 16:53 31 Aug 05

Actually, this problem has not resolved. Went into IE today and lo! the Weight Watchers webpage has returned. I'd made changes in StartUp, and locked it....or so I thought. Now every time I go in, it's WW again...and again...and again!!


  SlinkyMalinky 18:26 31 Aug 05

I went into my regedit (as suggested by MSN support) and changed the start page, but when I clicked on edit binary, it still had guessed it..Weight Watchers! I'm really getting hacked off - see what going on a diet does for you? Never again! ANyway, is there a brainbox out there who has any other ideas?

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