another Excel question

  Allan-263226 17:07 08 Dec 03

Hi guys,

I'm hoping the usual suspects can help or point me in the right direction.

I have a spreadsheet of failed calls, there are only 4 rows of data, is it possible to output the cells into word without copy and paste function?
The reason being is it copies incorrectly everytime

Cheers in advance

How are you selecting the cells?

  skeletal 18:15 08 Dec 03

And I wonder what failed cells are? One thought, however you select the cells, try copying as usual, but in Word do an Edit/paste special/paste as unformatted text.

Formatted text often holds all sorts of nasties that can cause bother in Word.


  VoG II 19:25 08 Dec 03

Do you really want to display and copy the "failed" cells. You can avoid errors (e.g. divide by zero) by entering formulas like:


  Allan-263226 19:43 08 Dec 03

I should of explained a little better!!

I have 4 columns:
Date, Account Number, Fail Reason, Fail time

I then create a report to show the bosses the failed calls and add the copied cells to the word document.

To copy the sells I highlight the columns needed, copy, paste.

  skeletal 22:07 08 Dec 03

So the "failed cells" are simply text that says "failed" or similar? In which case I don't understand what happens when you cut and paste (or paste special as I suggest). Perhaps you could say exactly what you mean by "copies incorrectly everytime"?

Or do you mean you would like to press a button on the spreadsheet which would start up Word, transfer appropriate data into Word, and print it out?

The latter is possible, but requires significant VBA skills. Provided the spreadsheet is simple, you may be able to achieve something similar by embedding Excel into Word as an Active X component.

Or am I missing the point again!


  Allan-263226 22:11 08 Dec 03

So the "failed cells" are simply text that says "failed" or similar? - Exactly.

When they are pasted into word, it will only ever paste 3 of the 4 boxes into word and aligns them to the right hand side of the page. I need all the boxes copied into word.

  VoG II 22:17 08 Dec 03

In Word click in the table and then choose Table/Autofit/Autofit to Window.

Basically you cannot see the cells on the right but they are there, really!

  skeletal 23:13 08 Dec 03

Ah ha! Now we are getting there! I think VoG's idea is good. Also, you may need a bit of fettling to change fonts/sizes etc. I just tried a quick copy from Excel into Word and it did it prefectly, without me doing anything! So perhaps you have a lot of text across all the cells?

Try an experiment with a very simple sheet (I just wrote One, Two, Three, Four in 4 cells and copied down a few rows for my quick test) and see that it copies across OK. This may give a few more clues.


  Allan-263226 09:34 09 Dec 03

Something so simple! Thankyou all for help

Much appreciated

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