another basic NOF question: big space to the right

  mco 15:31 24 Oct 05

Very basic stuff here! When I'm playing around on my NOF site on'Page Design' I put stuff right to the edge of the right hand side of the area ...but when I preview it, there's a whole load of empty space on the right hand side that didn't seem to be there in 'page view'. Is it something to do with the screen you're viewing on?

  ade.h 17:16 24 Oct 05

Hi MCO, how's it going.

This is, I would guess, about you layout size. The default layout width is quite modest to accomodate different screen sizes/windows/etc.

You can drag it to widen it or adjust it on the layout properties palette. I use about 900 to 950 so that it looks okay on a 1024 monitor with room for the browser window to be a bit smaller.

Hope that helps.

  ade.h 17:20 24 Oct 05

Also, allow for the fact that the in-built preview page screen (as opposed to previewing it in your browser of choice) is wider than most browsers because it has very little either side of it. The difference between this and layout view is particularly striking if you have the NOF components toolbars on-screen, which are there by default but can be closed to give you a bigger workspace and less side-scrolling while you work. I only bring them up if I need one of those components.

  ade.h 17:25 24 Oct 05

Me again.... I forgot to add that I think there is a way of right-aligning certain objects so that they always appear on the far right in any window, but that's a bit advanced for me. If you want to know how to do that, one of the resident experts will probably know. (I'd quite like to know, actually!)

  mco 17:43 24 Oct 05

Thanks! This screen resolution thing will be an issue I think, because on the site I already run (done by basic webbuilder program I've grown out of) the stats show about half my viewers see it on 800x600 as opposed to 1024x768 - but since that webbuilder program automatically resized the pages for whoever was watching, that was never a problem to me. Now I suppose I'll have to watch how much I put on and where on the pages.

  ade.h 18:14 24 Oct 05

Something which I hope to figure out in the longer term is how to create dynamic page layouts that resize as required. I've just started working out how to do it with banner content, but it's a bigger task to create a whole page that does it (and works, of course!) It seems that there is no such thing as the perfect solution in webdesign, but a well-coded dynamic layout is probably a pretty good one in this case. Hopefully, 800x600 viewers won't be to put off by a bit of side-scrolling, as a lot of sites require it. 23:42 24 Oct 05

simply tick the box 'centre in browser'? This will centre the content and give you an even space on both sides. You can then make it 770 wide, to fit an 800 browser window.

  mco 00:14 25 Oct 05

ah! Right! Now I have another question but I'll put it up on a new thread..

  ade.h 15:44 25 Oct 05

I think that to centre content is not ideal from an aesthetic standpoint unless the background is co-ordinated with the objects either side, rather than in contrast to them. Most of my sites use a white background, as it makes meeting accesibility standards easier and it looks clean and sharp. If there is a gap on the left, it cries out to be filled in. Barry's own site is an example of matching objects to the background by using similar colours as a way of avoiding the feeling of empty spaces.

  ade.h 15:46 25 Oct 05

It can also work okay if your content is quite symmetrical and minimalist, without a solid left frame.

  mco 19:00 25 Oct 05

which is your site? I take your point about centring content ade.

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