Annoying shutdown error on Win XP

  Rez 15:42 26 May 03

Right, I've suffered long enough. I have Windows XP Professional and almost every time I shut down my computer I get an annoying message which says the computer is trying to shut down 'DEVLDR'. I'm not sure what this program is but it means that my computer can take up to 10 minutes to shut down after I have tried to shut down the machine.

Anyone else had this problem or a similar message and know how to get rid of it ?

  VoG™ 15:44 26 May 03

click here - scroll down to SBLive: DEVLDR32.EXE PROBLEMS

  spikeychris 15:52 26 May 03

The link supplied by VoG™ will fix it (I haven't read it but I've faith) one way I know works is..

Uninstall the SBLive card. Restart Windows, let it detect the new hardware, and use the Windows XP driver.


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