Annoying problem with hips_cc.msi. Please help.

  dkz 16:43 27 Sep 09

I'm experiencing problems with an application repeatedly trying to install itself. A colleague interrupted a new security software installation and it seems it's constantly trying to install.
Advice received was to download and run 'Windows Installer Clean Up Utility'. Unfortunately, this 'can't install as another installation is in progress'; ofcourse it is...that's the problem I'm trying to solve.
Any advice greatly received.

  mfletch 19:13 27 Sep 09

Stop its process in task manager then use Windows clean-up utility

What is the program !!

  dkz 19:29 27 Sep 09

thanks mfletch. Whatever's happening doesn't show in Task Manager so that's a no go. Where do I get Windows clean up utility? I assume that's what I tried to download unsuccessfully. The program was CA Security Suite. I located it's folder and deleted that but it hasn't changed anything.
any further suggestion?

  mfletch 19:35 27 Sep 09

Try this

click here

Windows clean-up click here

  dkz 20:02 27 Sep 09

thanks again but Appremover didn't find any security software (strange, as I have Virgin PC Guard installed) and then I couldn't install the Windows Clean Up Program because "error 1500, another installation is in progress".
Should I just get my collegue to finish the CA security installation and then uninstall it? Just let the process un it's course then get rid?

  mfletch 20:27 27 Sep 09

Do a system restore to a point before the install

  mfletch 20:29 27 Sep 09

I would also download the free version of MBAM and do a scan {somethings not right}

MBAM/ Malwarebytes/ Antimalware click here

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