Annoying floppy

  Tempest1 11:53 02 Dec 04

Ever time I open a notepad doc or similiar the floppy drive starts running for a few moments even though there is nothing in it. This has just started happening afterv SP2 install. Is there a solution to this?

  Rtus 12:19 02 Dec 04

It may very well be that you last accessed A: from the notepad prog .Try starting notepad then explore C: for a file to load open & read it..then close notepad.. It shouldnt reread the drive after that (maybe)..

  Tempest1 13:57 02 Dec 04

Overlooked the obvious,many thanks everything is quiet again.

  Rtus 20:37 02 Dec 04

to be honest We all overlook something almost every day ..LOL ..but its not always obvious eh..

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