Annoying Excel and Word problems

  Housten 29 Jun 13

Good Afternoon, Gentlemen,

I use Microsoft Office Professional 2003 on my Windows 7 64Bit Home Office Premium computer and it is in Office that I am having a couple of problems.

The Excel problem

I am, quite obviously, doing something wrong, but it is so obvious that I can not see it!!

I have a spreadsheet to record my wife’s and my share accounts with our broker 4 in total. I record the financial changes ( purchases and sales of shares, dividends and charges, etc. ) and I recently realised that I could get a total of the dividends we each get so we can use these in our tax returns, but I am now stuck.

If I use ‘left(d11,8)’ in say, cell p11, I get ‘Dividend’ in the cell. So I thought that it would be easy to ‘expand’ this and I have tried various things but what I need to do is to say ‘if the first 8 characters in column D are Dividend, then enter the value in o11 here’, although there will another 3 columns as well. I thought that this could be done by using ‘=if(left(d11,8)=Dividend,o11,””)’ but I keep getting “Value?” or “Name?”. I have double and triple checked that there are equal numbers of brackets, and I have tried enclosing ‘Dividend’ in single and double quotes without any change. As I wish to use this over 4 columns altogether I put a ‘$’ in front of the ‘d’, but this didn’t seem to make any difference either. I have, also, tried increasing the number of brackets, but that makes no difference, either.

This is beginning to make me really annoyed now and I am hoping some kind person will take pity on me and show me the error of my ways.

The Word problem Also I know this is a bit cheeky, but I put a password on a Word document I use regularly. But I can not find out how to change it! If I try to use ‘Help’ it puts you online and you are supposed to divine where you can find the answer is; or so it appears to me. Can anyone help me, please to get rid of this (accidental ) password?

Many, many thanks in advance for any and all suggestions.

  QuizMan 29 Jun 13

Re Excel, what worked for me was =IF((LEFT(D11,8)="Dividend"),O11,"")

That is in Excel 2007.

Some people seems to believe that renaming a Word document as a .rtf (rich text file), then opening it with Wordpad, then saving the Wordpad file as a Word document should work.

There's also some supposed tools here. As always, proceed with caution.

  AroundAgain 29 Jun 13


I've also got MS Office 2003 Pro and have just found this page - Remove or Change Password

I've just tested it on a new Word document and it worked fine so it should solve your password issue.


  wiz-king 30 Jun 13

Surely all you need is to auto sum the dividend column?

  Housten 30 Jun 13

Good Morning, Gentlemen,

Many thanks to everyone who replied.

AroundAgain, I followed your suggestion and it worked straight off. Exactly what I wanted, so many thanks.

wiz-king, maybe in theory. But what I have done is to have the 4 columns intermixed, initially. But what I wanted was to extract just the dividends from all the other information in the column where I list all the financial changes. I agree that once I get the dividends into their own account columns then auto-summing will get the annual totals.

QuizMan I think you were not 100% certain your suggestion would work, BUT IT DID!!! Many, many thanks! I thought I had covered all possible combinations, but I now think there are many more I did not cover. On the other hand, do I care? No! It works, which is all I want of it and so I am very grateful.

And to everyone who posted.

  AroundAgain 30 Jun 13

So pleased to hear both your questions have been suitably solved Cheers

  QuizMan 30 Jun 13

Glad to be of help.


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