Annoying emails

  watteneer 30 Jul 12

How do i stop PPI and othher annoying emails i get about 30 each day i am on Bt intyernet Bt yahoo Thanks to all Peter

  lotvic 30 Jul 12

Login to your Webmail Server and mark them as SPAM. That will stop some of them depending on how good the spam filter is on Bt internet Bt yahoo. Nothing else you can do I'm afraid, spam emails are electronic junk mail. Like at home, only way to stop junk mail coming through your letterbox is to not have a letterbox...

  Jollyjohn 30 Jul 12

Depends on which e-mail client you use but in Windows Live Mail you can "delete and block" or you can flag as Junk Mail and block senders address or block senders domain.

  Terry Brown 30 Jul 12


depending on your email system, you will have either Block or / and message rules.

If using block select the email and block , if using message rules create rule and send direct to delete.


  lotvic 30 Jul 12

Terry, that works for each email 'sent from' address. Unfortunately most spam tends to come from lots of different - often spoofed - email addresses. Better also to have content analysed by spam filter.

  Terry Brown 02 Aug 12

The system I use is slightly different:

I create rules fro the people I WANT to receive mail from and leave rest in the inbox.

So I have rules (boxes) for Family, friends, business customers,pcadvisor etc- In total I have 12 boxes created, which make it very easy to select what I want.

The Inbox, I have a quick scan and unless there is anything I do want I mass delete.



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