Annoying ads

  gengiscant 10:37 06 Oct 11

Had to reset IE9 yesterday and could not remember what I did to stop the annoying ads on this site, particularly the ones at the side that moved up and down as you scroll.

This sorts them out.Ad Block

  Woolwell 13:30 06 Oct 11

I run Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 and its anti-banner blocks the ads at the top and sides on this site.

  Woolwell 13:30 06 Oct 11

Odd though - with it on then I couldn't post to this thread but can to others.

  spuds 14:01 06 Oct 11

" Odd though - with it on then I couldn't post to this thread but can to others".

A bit like starting a new post, and filling in the tag box before finishing the post, then returning back to complete the post and then finding it locked. Remove the tags and insert them last, then all's OK?.

  gengiscant 09:31 15 Oct 11

Try using this Ad block It stops all the annoying adverts so beloved by this website.

  rdave13 10:54 15 Oct 11

I'm always puzzled that I don't see these ads in IE9 and others do. I only have the browsers pop-up blocker on and tracking protection running. In Firefox I can see the annoying ads, the Samsung one for example, but as it's only a backup browser I don't bother with ad-block.


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