AL D. 16:06 04 Oct 03

Hi, I was wondering if anyone has seen this?
I was sent a Christmas animation last year and it was a selection interactive Christmas scenes
by were you clicked on certain items to activate things,the one i want is a cottage in winter and if you clicked on the porch off the cottage it lead to a lot of different things to do.
Does anyone know which site it is on?
Thanks in hope AL.

  AL D. 16:22 04 Oct 03


  Mr Tinkles II 17:36 04 Oct 03

try these links
click here
click here
hope these help

  Sparks 17:56 04 Oct 03

I have the file ror the said Xmas card if you send me your e-mail address I will forward it to you.

  AL D. 17:58 04 Oct 03

Thanks m8,but those sites dont seem to have what i am looking for.

  colberly 18:19 04 Oct 03

click here
She does some lovely animated cards.

  AL D. 19:44 04 Oct 03

Thanks a miilion exactly what i wanted.
cheers AL D.

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