Animated gif issue

hi guys, got this animated gif off of the net,the site it's going on has a textured background the Gif.has a black background. I need to see textured background arond the edges of my Gif.
How dificult is it to make him animate on a transparent B/G, and what software would surfice
thanks all

  mco 10:04 17 Jun 06

I've used this to get static gifs onto a transparent background - might be worth looking at to see if they will do it with animated gifs too:
click here

  ade.h 14:41 17 Jun 06

It will be very easy if you have some image editing software that will allow you to select the GIF image from its black background and paste it over to a GIF with a clear background. Or any similar process that gives the same end result; ie. a GIF with a clear background.

i have fireworks 8 but havnt a clue how to use it, im not too bad with photoshop CS2 - bit will it do an animated gif, i realise there are several frames to the ani, could it be as easy as deleting the background on each frame and resaving as gif, didnt want to spend ages trying only to fail - its too hot

  ade.h 17:47 17 Jun 06

I use Ulead products, so I can't help you with Photoshop.

  De Marcus™ 21:02 17 Jun 06

The same should apply in CS2 click here I haven't had the chance to read through it however there's little difference in photoshop versions that a relatively competent or 'not to bad' user doesn't know how to achieve 'another' way so give it a whirl. If you get stuck, post back and I should have had a chance to read it by then.

  De Marcus™ 21:37 17 Jun 06

I just realised I'm in the web design forum and whilst my above post still stands, I must agree with fourm member, gifs are just plain ole nasty!

  PurplePenny 23:09 17 Jun 06

They are also a no-no for accessibility and as your site is offering a service it does have to be accessible.

sorry, accessibility ???

  PurplePenny 22:55 18 Jun 06

Accessibility is the term used to describe methods and techniques for making a web site easier for disabled people to use.

More information from W3C: click here
WebAIM: click here
and Accessify: click here

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