android tablets.

  john.r 22 Feb 13

seen an advert for a busbi 7 7" glass capacitive screen google android 4.0 aluminium chassis for around 60 quid also a 7" A13 with Ice cream sandwhich OS+keyboard n case bundle about the same. As I would like to use one to use for my e-mails (google) for photos, maps while touring and keeping in touch with family can anyone advise if either r ok and is one having a key board better to use. or if something else would be worth considering, grateful as a novice for advice. thanks.

  rdave13 22 Feb 13

I bought two similar tablets for the children as some festive gifts (£65 each). Fine for free apps games but browsing a tad slow. They do load up slowly and I can check emails slowly. Don't expect miracles from these cheap as chips tablets.

  john.r 22 Feb 13

thanks rdave13, I did not think they would be fantastic preformers but as they would be for limited use( not bothered to watch movies etc) while away from home mainly to just keep in touch. thanks again.

  chub_tor 22 Feb 13

I bought a keyboard for my tablet and only ever use it if I am writing long documents. In my opinion they are not necessary for most emails, Facebook etc. As rdave13 says - don't expect too much from a cheap tablet, the reason that they are cheap is that they use older technology are are slower than the more up to date and more expensive ones. If you are intending to put lots of photos or videos on it make sure that you have enough storage space on the device or that more can be added.

  rdave13 22 Feb 13

As chubtor . If I would have to buy a cheap tablet again I'd go for a CPU higher than 1 Ghz, and have 1 GB ram. This is similar to what I'd get now if I had to,

  john.r 22 Feb 13

thanks chub tor, don't think I will bother with a keyboard. probably photos rather than videos and the general e-mails r not long. the one rdave 13 said sounds good for a little bit more money. sincere thanks to both of you for the advice being used to pcs but not tablets its a help.


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