Android Tablet Video Format

  theearlofsabden 07 Jan 12


I have an Acer Iconia A501 tablet running Android Gingerbread 2.3.

I have downloaded video in WMV format from the BBC iPlayer and would like to play it on the tablet. The Inconia tab does not support WMV file formats. I have software on my PC called Format Factory that allows video file conversion. I have tried WMV to AVI, to MP4, to AVI and so on but nothing seems to work.

Any ideas on how to play downloaded WMV video files on a tablet running Android?

Thanks Neil.

  theearlofsabden 08 Jan 12

The iplayer app need a WiFi connection.

I just want to play via the Acer's media centre. I have tried converting the WMV files to AVI, MP4 and so on but they won't play.

Any ideas?

  theearlofsabden 08 Jan 12

I will give it a go and feed back later. Thanks.

  theearlofsabden 08 Jan 12

asking for payment...........

The link provided for Audials is asking for payment to convert to ipod/ipad files. It will only convert in free format to the standard mp3/4/avi format.

there must be a free alternative that than simply convert BBC iPlayer downloaded media files to play on an android tablet?

  harry12 08 Jan 12

Try a different video player, I use MX Video player, which is free.

  theearlofsabden 08 Jan 12

MX Video Player (thank you)..... downloaded to my tablet... but....

I must be doing something wrong, MX Video Player installed on my Acer tablet, found updated codec files, installed them too, but on playing a downloaded video in WMV format from the BBC iPlayer all I get is a garbled mess of coloured boxes in the video screen.

What i've done; Downloaded video in BBC default Windows Media Format from the BBC iPlayer (Sherlock Homes Part 1) onto a pen drive.

Inserted pen drive into tablet - default Acer media player finds my pen drive, finds the video file - but won't play.

I have converted this video file (Sherlock Homes) from WMV to MP4, AVI and even the Android file format from various online downloadable programs.

... all will not playback the video file... all I get is a mess of colour and tiny pixel boxes.

MX Video Player now installed on my tablet. Pen drive inserted, it lists all my video content, but again on playback it's a mess of tiny pixel boxes and flashing colour.

Any help with be appreciated!


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