Android Tablet - is Anti Virus protection advised- and which?

  SparkyJack 02 Oct 12

Do Android powered tablets require Anti Virus protection?

If so what is recommended and how to go about installing the same.

  KRONOS the First 02 Oct 12

Have a look for Avast Mobile Security which is what I use.It scans app and incoming messages. Unfortunately quite a few Android apps were found to contain viruses so I thought it might be advisable to get some sort of cover.

  chub_tor 02 Oct 12

I've just installed AVG on my Samsung Tablet. Found it for free on the Apps Store

  Matt Egan 02 Oct 12

For what it's worth I'd say that Android AV is pretty much useless, but you absolutely should have security software. Just make sure it has good anti-theft, data recovery and tracking components. The trouble with Android AV is that the threat is less likely to come from a drive-by install, and more likely to come from your installing a legit or semi-legit app. Or, indeed, your device being lost or stolen. So you need to be able to track and brick a lost device, and recover data from it.

I wrote a thing about this just the other day:

  SparkyJack 02 Oct 12

Thank you Mat Have read the pice and taken in. Currently I have another more pressing issue- The tabvlet has killed it self and system restore - won't- In tough with vendor - but I think they are 'Boxshifters' and don't know much. so am trawling all the Android forums.


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