Android Phone - Removing Google e-mail account

  compumac 10:59 06 Jul 12

I am giving my Galaxy S phone to my daughter after purchasing the S3 and find that if I wish to remove my g-mail account I would have to put the phone back to its factory condition. I do not wish to do that and wonder as to whether, if my daughter creates a g-mail account on the phone will you be able then to remove my account.Anyone?

  lotvic 11:44 06 Jul 12

No I don't think so. I believe you have to 'root' / 'jailbreak' and then change email in system root using editor on the phone.

But I have no idea how you do this.

  northumbria61 11:54 06 Jul 12

I hope this helps enter link description here- it may be best if you create a new account for your daughter first

  compumac 12:09 06 Jul 12

I believe that you can add another g-mail account and then de-select sync on other account. Not perfect, but as it is my daughter having the Galaxy S I can live with that. If it was going to A N Other then I would put back to factory condition.

  northumbria61 12:18 06 Jul 12

compumac - that was my thoughts entirely.

  lotvic 13:34 06 Jul 12

I have a lot to learn about these gizzmos :) (thanks northumbria61)


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