Android Archos 101 Internet Tablet - Apps

  Graphicool1 11:13 AM 27 Sep 12

Hi guys, I have an Android Archos 101 Internet Tablet, which is fine, as far as it goes, or would be if I could get the Apps I want. My problem and it would seem the problem of many others, is that I can't get apps from 'Google Play' or anywhere aother than by clicking the onboard carrier bag icon!

Yes I know how to download apps to my PC, then connecting the tablet to the PC and transmitting the app that way. But I'm uncertain if this only works with the Free ones. As I want to buy 'Sketch Book Pro 6 for Android'. Which is only available through Google Play and when I try to download anything from their it just tells me to click the icon on my tablet.

Suggestions please

  Forum Editor 10:31 AM 28 Sep 12

I'll move this from the Games forum to the Helproom - you'll get a better response there.

  Forum Editor 10:42 AM 28 Sep 12

Take a look at this It should resolve the problem for you.

  Graphicool1 15:45 PM 28 Sep 12

Thanks for the link ED I got it sorted. Unfortunately though it seems that the specific app I'm looking for at this time is unavailable for my tablet.

Cheers anyway G1


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