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  GrannyA 01 Sep 11

Could someone please tell me the difference between an Android phone and a Smart phone. I have an iPhone - which is that?

  natdoor 01 Sep 11

Smartphone is used as a generic term for phones with added features such as camera, PDA etc. The i-phone is a smartphone made by Apple. Android is an Operating System, the software that controls the phone's functions, which is used by some manufacturers but not Apple. There are several other Operating Systems than Android, used by other manufacturers.

  rickf 04 Sep 11

A lot of new smartphones are using the Android OS bar Apple of course.

  Woolwell 04 Sep 11

You iPhone is a smartphone but uses Apple's operating system. Many other brands of smartphones use a different operating system called Android. There are different versions of Android too eg Froyo, Gingerbread.

Smartphones access the internet, e-mails, calendar as well as making calls and text messages. Most have apps nowadays.

  VOT Productions 04 Sep 11

A smartphone is a phone with smart features like apps, email, calendars, internet etc. Most phones nowadays have them.

The difference in all smartphones is in the insides, the "operating system." Your iPhone has iOS. There is Android, iOS, Blackberry OS, etc.

  wee eddie 04 Sep 11

What are "apps"?

"apps" are little buttons on the Screen that make your Smartphone do things that you never knew you needed to do and cost you a fortune in Web Access Time.

Some are Free, some charge you a single Fee, others charge you Monthly or Annually. The more you use them, the more your Supplier charges you for Web Access, once you have gone over your Allocation, which is never sufficient.

  bachmannmann 16 Sep 11

smartphone= food. all veggies (apple) and all meats(android) nourish you. anways as mentioned aove. smartphone speaks of all the types of phones with internet access and apps. android is a way of browsing used on basically all smartphones other than apple (nokia is ocming up with something i hear, windows).

  johnathann 19 Sep 11

Android is one of the smartphones which leads the market today.

  GrannyA 19 Sep 11

Many thanks to all who posted answers to my question. Granny A


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