Anark Client

  rawprawn 14:45 12 Sep 04

Can anyone enlighten me about Anark Client. I know it is an advanced image program, but it seemed to arrive unsolicited onto my computer and deleting it seems difficult. I think I may have inadvertently downloaded it as an update foe Adobe Reader, do I need it ? Can anyone tell me if it is safe or if it is some kind of malware

  Nellie2 16:24 12 Sep 04

It is not something I'm familliar with, I've had a quick look at some hijacklogs that include anark and the only thing I could find is an active X which isn't what I would call 'bad'

  rawprawn 16:43 12 Sep 04

Thank you for the reply, I tied to uninstall it and it said it had uninstalled but it was still there which made me suspicious. I tried all the usual tricks, including deleting it through the registry., but no matter what I did I could not get rid of the Icon in Control Panel and if you click on it, it shows Anark Control panel with an update option which is ticked for auto a Components tab which show three enties as C:\proram files\anark\client\amclient.dll two others ending in AKcorENU.dll and AKCore.dll then there is asystem tab which shows my system with particular regard to video and screen capabilities. I have scanned with everything I can think of and drawn a blank, I don't think it is doing any harm but I am annoyed first as to how it got there and secondly that I can't get rid of it.(I restored back to before I tried to delete it)

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