Rabi 17:57 20 Nov 03

Wish to transfer numerous Video 8 and Video Hi8 tapes to CD format.

Does it make a difference whether movies are PAL or NTSC? I travel around the world, and have tapes made on NTSC (USA System) and PAL (UK System). Can I convert all to disc on one PC, or do I need to use a USA card for NTSC and a UK card for PAL movies?


  Chegs ® 18:45 20 Nov 03

You should be able to do it on one puter,my card works with PAL(several flavours)and NTSC to.I use MovieMaker to edit the files,and it seems to care-not what flavour created the file as it still reads as AVI filetype.

  Rabi 19:07 20 Nov 03

Thanks, much appreciated.

What card are you using?

I am also told there is software that will convert PAL to NTSC (and vice versa) while it is on the Hard Disc. Do you know which software this is?

  Chegs ® 19:32 20 Nov 03

Once the file is on the pc it is in AVI format,MovieMaker(free from M$ for XP)can convert the UPLOADED file into PAL/NTSC.(Uploaded being back to camcorder,etc).I dont think the TV card I use to transfer video to pc can upload back to video recorder without utilising another of its connectors(it has s-video and phono type connections)but to get video tape from domestic machine to pc I simply use the TV coaxial connector and run a long length of coax from it to TV card.The result is not pure clear vid,but grainy and looks out of focus slightly.I also have a digi camcorder which I use to transfer tapes to as it has Ie1394/usb connections and the video has scart sockets,and I have just been experimenting on connecting "this to that" via "scart/dv,etc" and trying various apps to process the results,hoping to learn a bit more about DVD production,as my young daughter has been off to Spain to my mams,and the video tapes of these holidays I want to transfer to DVD.

  Chegs ® 19:37 20 Nov 03

I forgot to add,the TV cards I have are Pinnacle RAVE(£40 from Dixons)and I have just bought a Mercury TV card,that has more connectors and is able to produce more filetypes(its also got a Remote controller)for £25 from a puter fair. :-)

  Rabi 18:21 21 Nov 03

Thank you, Chegs, Much obliged, you have answered my question. Now, if only someone like you would answer my question on "IPAQ 3850 will not connect"...!:)

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