Analogue Video editing

  Scubaman 15:35 25 Jan 03

Hi there, Can anyone recommend a tried and tested bit of kit to transfer and edit my analogue video clips, don't say Dazzle, they wont reply to my emails and nobody in the forum can help me.

i use an MSI G4MX460-VTP to capture the analogue video from my hi8 camcorder,then use ROXIO VIDEOWAVE to edit and transfer to cd,vcr,dvd,it is a basic system but it works for me....if you have an SIS chipset on your motherboard stay away from PINNACLE STUDIO 8

  stlucia 08:54 27 Jan 03

But if you don't have an SIS chipset, Pinnacle is one good place to start. They will sell you an analogue package that includes capture card and editing software.

  scotty 10:36 27 Jan 03

I have recently gone through the same process as you are doing. I had decided on Pinnacle Studio Deluxe as it will accept digital and analogue input to the capture card. However, it was suggested that a better solution was to buy a digital camcorder which would accept the analogue input, the Sony Digital8 models being well suited as they will play 8mm and Hi8 tapes directly.

Instead of paying ~£200-250 for capture card and software, I bought a Sony TRV240 with Pinnacle Studio DV for ~£450. More expensive but I have replaced my 10 year old camcorder for only ~£200.

The kit of camcorder and Studio was bought from and works well for the simple editing I want to do.

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