Analogue capture with Pinnacle studio 10

  Will 19:00 05 Mar 06

4 or 5 years ago I invested in Pinnacle Studio 7, which allowed me with the card provided to download to the computer the footage from my 8mm analogue camcorder, video recorder etc. I now have a digital camcorder, which is easy access to my computer, but I want to be able to connect my video recorder to the computer as well. I have had a look in the box of the "Pinnacle studio 10" and see there is no card with the software so want to understand how the capture works from the video. Am I right in thinking that using a SCART lead from my Video the other end of the lead will be the Svideo into the graphics card svideo slot and one of the audio leads into the sound card slot? And I take it the software changes the analogue signal in to digital

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