Analgue video capture quality

  Jonathan314159 14:03 11 Feb 03

I want to transfer VHS tapes to the computer - and am thinking of using a USB capture card (eg Pinnacle Linx USB).

The resolution on the Pinnacle card is said to be 320x240. Has anyone used this? If so does the quality degrade noticably?

Alternatively is there a better solution wihtout spending heaps of money?

  daveb11 14:45 11 Feb 03

Quality might be degraded if you want to view full screen on your pc also usb capture cards arn't supposed to be as good as pci ones.I use an ati tv wonder ve pci capture device (cheap £30 quid) and can capture some really good quality from tv using virtual dub (excellent program free to download) and capture straight to xvid compressed format (also free) theres an awful lot to go into regarding capturing videos will post a web address for you to check out on next visit to this page as i can't remember it off hand.Good luck its a long road to finally capturing quality that looks good and youre happy with.

  Jonathan314159 14:56 11 Feb 03

Thanks - the solution I have used to date is very longwinded. Capture to DV camcorder then put on the computer with firewire. Gave perfect quality, but not practical for large amounts of transfer (plus DV tape only lasts an hour)

  daveb11 01:04 14 Feb 03

Sorry its took so long i lost the thread DOH. Check out this link click here theres plenty of details on here to get you going.Although i dont tend to do much capture from vhs (i mostly capture music videos off tv) if you have any other probs i will write you a guide if you want if you think it will help.

  Jonathan314159 13:46 19 Feb 03

Many thanks

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