&apos: why does this keep appearing?

  bumpkin 14 May 13

Hi all. don't know if anyone else has experienced this but I keep encountering &apos: in what should be plain text. It replaces an apostrophe for some reason. Looks like a bit of HTML code to me. Any ideas as to the cause and how to correct it.

  bumpkin 15 May 13

No one else had this or maybe a poor explanation by me.

  lotvic 15 May 13

It's down to poor/faulty HTML coding by the webpage designer AFAIK.

Can you give us a link to one of the webpages? then we can see if it happens for all of us and not just you.

  bumpkin 15 May 13

"eBay - one of the UK's largest shopping destinations www.ebay.co.uk/

  bumpkin 15 May 13

No link? will try again.

  bumpkin 15 May 13

About eBay eBay is The World's Online Marketplace®, enabling trade on a local, national and international basis. With a diverse and passionate community of individuals and ... pages.ebay.co.uk/aboutebay.html

  bumpkin 15 May 13

Can't do the link, sorry.

  Woolwell 15 May 13

I looked at http://ebay.co.uk/aboutebay.html and cannot find &apos

  Woolwell 15 May 13

Which browser are you using?

  bumpkin 15 May 13

I will try again. On my screen it says "Ebay one of the UK&apos:s largest shopping destinations" When I paste it here it reads as it should as you can see.

  onthelimit1 15 May 13


To do a link:

Copy the url, click the green world, delete the http, paste the link, click OK and jobs a goodun.


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