ami bios flashing

  Brian-318590 19:05 23 Jun 03

hi can any one help me here i have an msikta ultra motherboard i,ve just updated the bios with the msi live update program the system boots ok but it says cmos setting are wrong i,ve set it up but still comes up the same it starts on defaults what do i do now can i reverse the update or am i stuck with it another point i can,t set the memory fsb its shaded out

  Brian-318590 19:09 23 Jun 03

Msi kt 4 ultra running xp pro 512 2100ddr

  Brian-318590 19:28 23 Jun 03

can idown load the one i had before and install manually i thought when you flashed the bios you erased all information but the clock and drives were recognised

  Rayuk 20:27 23 Jun 03

Did you clear the cmos after you had falshed the bios.If not do so then reboot and change settings as required.

There should be a jumper on the board to do this.
Check your manual

  Brian-318590 20:35 23 Jun 03

i did do that still not working right able to set everything apart from memory settings but still runs on default bios settings

  Rayuk 22:04 23 Jun 03

You can flash back to previous bios but will have to do it using floppy.Look on MSI website there will be a guide on how to do it somewhere in the bios section

  Rayuk 22:05 23 Jun 03

Here it is
click here

  Brian-318590 08:17 24 Jun 03

i think thats where my problem lies when trying to go back i see my boot disc made when i downloaded new bios by msi already has the recovery file on it i can,t seem to make my boot disc change from A:>to C:when trying to do i manually

  Brian-318590 08:28 24 Jun 03

i,m wondering can i delete the bios version on the floppy msi made for me and add the origanal to the floppy to restore it

  Brian-318590 09:30 24 Jun 03

all sorted i was trying to force an update intructions was,nt very clear all i had to do was leave the floppy in the drive and not do anything the floppy did it all for me

  Rayuk 17:18 24 Jun 03

If you need the new bios you for any reason you can flash it this way,I would check if anyone else had problems when using new bios first though.
Have a look at
click here

MSI section

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