American host instead of UK one?

  grumpy-git 17 Sep 09
Locked seems so much cheaper than

Has anybody used the American 1&1 as a host, or would you advise against it. I see on their site it "suggests" that people from other countries, such as the UK, use their "local" 1and1.

The 4Gb of data in my web space will take some uploading if I do ever change hosts.


  ajm 18 Sep 09 - I will never touch them with a barge pole again due to a very unpleasant experience a few months ago.

I am now with heart internet as a reseller as I provide my clients with domain and hosting services for their business and personal use.

have a look at click here they have packages from £2.49 + vat a month to £10.75+vat a month. one of these may be the right one for you.

  grumpy-git 18 Sep 09

Thanks for replies, I'll click as resolved.

Probably change to another UK host, although could downgrade with 1and1 to cut costs.

The main problem is shifting 4Gb of data, plus all the "headaches" I'm bound to get in any major change.

  Ansolan 18 Sep 09

Also bear in mind potential search engine problems. If you are using a generic domain e.g. a .com and host in the USA, that's where your site will be seen as more relevant.The Google geo-targeting facility doesn't really make up for this.

Even with a local tld e.g. a, you may be at a disadvantage. So if search engines count, may not be a good saving.


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