Amending Word style pre-set

  xania 31 Oct 11

Using Office 2007, whenever I open a new document it sets the style to Normal, but I want it to set the style to No spacing. Yes, I know I simply have to click a single key on the home ribbon, but my boss wants this to happen automatically on her PC. How can I amend this, please.

  gengiscant 31 Oct 11

You could do something like I have done is open a new document do all the alterations you want then use "save as" give it a title save it to the desktop or somewhere. Then when the document is opened you are good to go, remembering to save it as something else once you have completed the doc.

I have one doc set up with a certain personal details,address and the like also spacing/font etc has been set.Other docs, templates I believe they are called, set up differently, but all kept in a folder on the desktop for ease of use.

  Sea Urchin 31 Oct 11

You just need to amend the Normal Template, and then al new documents will open with those settings

Here's how

Change Normal Template

  xania 31 Oct 11

Thanks Sea Urchin - I was looking in totally the wrong place.

  gengiscant 31 Oct 11

Very usefulSea Urchin, wish I had known about this earlier.


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