amd64 3200+installation on Abit AV8 Motherboard

  freefx 20:37 13 Mar 05

Iam waiting delivery of my AMD64 3200+ and Abit AV8 motherboard.

I have been reading the AV8 motherboard manual from their website. They are talking about mounting the CPU onto a Retention Frame and Backplate. It also says that the Retention Frame and Backplate should come with the Cpu. All i know iam supposed to get a box AMD64....retail unit.

Have purchased and installed AMD XP1900+ and AMD XP 2600+ before. No retention frame or backplate there.

So has anyone any idea if i should get a different motherboard. Or if they know whether the Boxed AMD64 come with all the necessary kit? Ootherwise i have no way of hooking the CPU/heatsink/fan unit onto the motherboard.

  bremner 21:10 13 Mar 05

Cerainly the boxed 3000+ 64 that I bought from Ebuyer came with the frame and other bits

  freefx 21:16 13 Mar 05


Thats is definitely assuring as iam just about to cancel/change to Asus mobo . Delivery is Thursday from Ebuyer.

Just wondering why the intruction on Asus manual made no mention of the frame and backplate.

  freefx 03:42 14 Mar 05

Another thing i just noticed is that the mobo has a Gigabit LAN only, but my router can only accept 10/100Mb.....Does that i mean i haveto buy a new router?

  bremner 08:52 14 Mar 05

Re the gigabit card it operates at 10/100 0r 1000 so you need make no changes in that respect.

  freefx 09:10 14 Mar 05


Many thanks

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