AMD XP 2.4Ghz 266FSB Clock Spped

  nc1701 01:29 23 Apr 04

Just wanted to check what the correct clock multipliers and cpu voltage a AMD XP 2.4 ghz 266 FSB cpu should be. Its set for a 2gig and the motherboard recognises it as a 2.4 but just wanted to double check.

  Phil930 03:58 23 Apr 04

I can give you a brief overview of all the settings i have as i have the same processor. My motherboard has defaulted all the settings to the following:

FSB - 133Mhz
Bus Speed - 266Mhz
Multiplier - x 15.0
Voltage - 1.6V (although displaying between 1.612 and 1.632 Volts)

Core Speed - 2000MHz

Hope this helps. Once in windows you can check this using software from here
click here
This software does not install, it merely runs everytime you double click it.

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