AMD Processor overheats from the very first day!!

  Faysal 1358 12:24 15 Apr 15

I just bought a PC yesterday. And after coming home i started playing battlefield 4 but suddenly the pc went off...i first thought that my UPS aint functioning so I turned off the UPS and plugged it in multiplug but even though the PC shut down three times more. I thought it only happeened because BF 4 is a high demanding game. so i deleted it and started playing GTA 4 instead. BUt then i came to know that my PC was over heating. And while playing any game for 5 minutes my Core temperature reaches 70 degree celcius...WHat should i do? PC config- Processor- Amd Fx-8350 Ram- team 4 GB(1600 Bus Speed) Mainboard- msi 990 FXA GD65 GPU- Sapphire r9 270x PSU- Thermaltake Smart 550 Wattz Chasis - ATX Thermaltake Golden Field I already talked with the shop i bought my PC from they told me to go there tomorrow and arrange for a CPU water cooler WHat should i do?? Plz help me

  Ian in Northampton 13:44 15 Apr 15

If you just bought it, you should take it back to where you bought it from and get them to make it reliable free of charge. From your description of your setup, there is no way on earth it should need water cooling. More like, when the shop put it together, they did a bad job with the thermal paste underneath the CPU.

  bumpkin 14:22 15 Apr 15

If you bought it yesterday, take it back and let them sort it out or give a refund. Don't give them more money for a water cooler that you do not need anyway.

  bumpkin 14:23 15 Apr 15

Afterthought, was this a new PC.

  Ian in Northampton 20:14 15 Apr 15

Another thought: are all the installed fans spinning?

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