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  BODS 08:58 09 Jan 05

I am going to obtain a new pc base uit, however canot decide which cpu to use i.e amd 64/3500 or p4 3.0. I rather fancy the amd route as it now has pci-express and 64 bit technology along with sata.
Could anyone please forward the opinions on the above.


  Philwane 09:11 09 Jan 05

In my opinion if you are doing a lot of video editing, video rendering then go for the Pentium.

Gaming and everything else go for AMD

  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 09:24 09 Jan 05

AMD everytime,apart from servers,then its intel P4 ht.

  JayDay 09:24 09 Jan 05

AMD - Lot more for your money. I moved away from Intel years ago and never regretted it.

  User-312386 09:34 09 Jan 05

AMD for gaming

  bremner 09:40 09 Jan 05

In the real world you will notice no difference be it gaming or video editing.

AMD offeres 64 bit and better value for money.

Intel for servers? Nah click here

  Jeffers22 09:41 09 Jan 05

As JayDay - I agree and me too re the move away from Intel.

  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 09:58 09 Jan 05

intel proccessors seem to be alot more popular than amd's on servers.

  bremner 11:06 09 Jan 05

It is the case that Intel still corners the market.

That may be because many of the big manufacturers are tied to long term contracts with Intel.

  DrScott 12:08 09 Jan 05

There are lots of threads on AMD vs Intel so it might be worth searching for them :)

AMD are probably better value for money, 64 bit is a little more 'future proof' (I hate that phrase), and for gaming definitely superior.

If your doing a lot of MP3 conversions then a P4 will be faster because of its higher clock speed. Also better for video-editing.

Sites like click here run tests comparing CPUs and might give you a flavour for what you want.

For what its worth, I like AMD.

  Totally-braindead 12:42 09 Jan 05

AMD as its cheaper.

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