AMD Mobile xp2500

  Chaz10 21:22 11 Jan 05

Just aquired an amd xp2500 mobile chip which I am hoping to overclock, now I've heard that these can go to xp3800 speeds. My mobo is an abit kv7 with 400 fsb so I was simply hoping to increase the voltage from 1.45v to 1.65v change to 200fsb and hope all goes well(i've purchased a new cooler Alaska upto xp3400) any flaws in my thinking, thanks

  The Sack 21:36 11 Jan 05

Mine runs at 200x12.5 @ 1.65V or 200x13 @ 1.75V for benching.

  TomJerry 21:38 11 Jan 05

but I would not go any higher

  The Sack 21:40 11 Jan 05


3200+ runs at 2.2GHz on a 400MHz FSB, i am 400MHz above that on a 400MHz FSB.

  Chaz10 21:44 11 Jan 05

I've also heard

1.65v 133mhz to 177mhz and a 14 mutipler 2484mhz

is this right?

  Chaz10 21:55 11 Jan 05

The sack

So what are you getting?

can hit 2.4ghz+ easy.

Main thing is make sure you have decent memory and cooling. CPU isnt as bad as a normal 2500barton as it is lower vcore thus less heat expelled.

My 2500 normal barton with the stepping i could hit about 2.6ghz which i am going to use watercooling..

But check your cooling on memory, chip and north and south bridge chip set's...

You could fry them quite easy...

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