AMD - K6 3D 477MHz 248 RAM slow!

  mik61ish 05:55 14 Apr 08

Hi I'm new to AMD! I have just acquired a AMD - K6 3D 477MHz 248 RAM & 10GB HDD For my granddaughter which I have XP Pro installed and its so slow would it be better to revert back to something like Win ME or 2000, to speed it up it is intended for for storing some music and photo's and browsing etc. Its a Hewlett Packard N3250.

  Technotiger 07:29 14 Apr 08

The specs you quote are almost at the minimum range of XP Pro requirements, so it is not surprising that it would appear to be a bit slow. Also using it for the purposes stated, the hard drive is far too small, 10Gb will be used up in no time at all.

For instance, I have 560Gb, with 230Gb approx used (on 3 hard drives), and even this is not huge by todays' standards - and I don't do a lot of music and photo storing!

Even with ME or 2000 10Gb is really not enough, for the purposes stated.

  alan2273 14:19 14 Apr 08

Have you thought about trying a Linux distro, Linux Mint Celena would run well on your specification.
click here

  Quiet Life 18:05 14 Apr 08

Yes you would be better with ME and possibly a second harddrive as they are very cheap.

  brundle 18:15 14 Apr 08

If you're sticking with Windows, 2000 will be more stable by far and still bearable to use with such an old system.

  woodchip 18:50 14 Apr 08

Make no wonder!

you are going back to the ark with a K6. I used to use them.

You need to get win98se and run that on it or Linux

  Quiet Life 14:17 16 Apr 08

I had a K6 nine years ago but it conflicted with a TV card and it was returned for a P111 450 with a 6gb harddrive. This computer is still going strong and running XP Pro but it does have 756mb of ram which makes a big difference. I fitted a larger second drive and overall the machine does not seem that slow. More ram will always help more than anything else.

  Bogbrain 16:37 16 Apr 08

248 meg of ram seems an odd number but I'm sure your machine will support a lot more 'ram' than that. Go to www . crucial . com and get a free 'ram'scan. That'll deffo speed up your machine whatever else happens. You sure you didn't mean a 100 gig hard drive as 10 gig is laughable to store anything much on especially if you're intending to store video/ music etc etc.
Nothing wrong with AMD machines per se though.

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