AMD dual core on XP home?

  jesta 10:52 12 Jul 05

just ordered a amd x2 dual core 4400+ and was wondering if it could run XP Home because on the Home package it doesnt run two-way multi-processor and im not sure if the amd is that or not.
please help!

  howard60 11:07 12 Jul 05

not a clue but look on the amd site.

  jesta 11:36 12 Jul 05

i find it impossivle to navigate through amd website cos dont like the design,so cant find the answer

  keith-236785 11:59 12 Jul 05

as far as i know, dual core systems are 64bit (but can run 32 bit also) and at the moment windows 64bit is only available as a Pro version.

your windows XP Home is a 32 bit OS, it will run on your new proc but wont utilise the 64bit technology.

linux on the other hand is already 64bit so you might be able to use the full potential of the new dual core setup.

microsoft do a trial version (beta) of the 64bit OS but its a big download.

take a look here to see if there is anything of use click here^13118,00.html (simply typed dual core and windows xp into the search box on amd site)

good luck

  keith-236785 12:00 12 Jul 05

click here^13118,00.html

  keith-236785 12:02 12 Jul 05

ok, thats not working very well is it....

click here^13118,00.html

one last try, if this fails just goto amd site and type in

dual core and windows xp

into the search box (top right corner)

  helmetshine 12:43 12 Jul 05

if you have a look click here;en-us;810231 it says that XP Home can only use one physical processor so i believe you'd need the Pro version.

  Philwane 13:51 12 Jul 05

Evesham and Mesh have put together systems based on the dual-core Athlon 64 X2.
Evesham Dominator X2,
Mesh Matrix Titan Dual X2 Pro,
Both these systems are using Windows XP Home
click hereclick here

  jesta 15:24 12 Jul 05

oh cool,guess dual core would work on XP Home then. Big companies cant get thes things wrong right?....

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