AMD cool and quiet not working

  jon_nic 12:05 07 Aug 07

Hi i have xp,sp2 with an AMD athlon 64 processor.
i Have noticed that Cool and quiet in no longer workng and the processor is constantly at full speed.

I reinstalled the athlon driver from AMD but still no good. I was told to put the power settings to "minimal power managment" but this is not avalible in my power schemes, I just have "home/office desk", "laptop/portable", and "allways on". how do i put back the scheme that will allow cool and quiet to work again?

thanks, jon.

  crosstrainer 12:14 07 Aug 07

Like a BIOS issue. Enter your BIOS screen (nrmally by pressing the DEL key on boot up) and re-enable "cool and quite"

Rember that setting a sensible shutdown temp is adviseable too.

I use 60c as a guide.

  jon_nic 12:16 07 Aug 07

I checked the bios and cool and quiet is already enabled.

  crosstrainer 12:38 07 Aug 07

And the fan is still runing fat out?

  jon_nic 12:43 07 Aug 07

the fan speed is manual controlled not temperature controlled so this is not the issue. the processor is running at full speed all the time when it used to throttle down. the temp is about 60 C when idel because the processor is not sloing down anymore.

  ambra4 13:03 07 Aug 07

Do Ctrl + Alt + Delete- Task Manager-Processor- see which programs is using up the CPU

Idle statue should be around 80-95%

  jon_nic 13:41 07 Aug 07

hi the computer is idle and nothing is using the processor so this is not the problem

  jon_nic 13:43 07 Aug 07

before, i used to be able to see the CPU changing speed by viewing in Everest, but now it is at constant full speed,

  keef66 14:34 07 Aug 07

what does windows say the cpu speed is?

(R click My Computer, properties, General tab)

  jon_nic 15:34 07 Aug 07

my computer properties is stating the speed at 2.2GHz
even when CPU is at idle

  keef66 15:41 07 Aug 07

then I'm baffled too. You seem to have done all that AMD suggest with the exception of being able to select the minimal power management option. I'll do a bit of googling.
(Is this a desktop pc? only the power management options you have sound more like those available on my laptop.)

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