AMD ATHLON xp-M 2800 clock speed?!?!?

  Urbanwarrior 09:07 10 May 06

Hi, i have an AMD athlon XP-mobile 2800 processor, on a PCchips 754 M870 V2.0 motherboard, and when i go into my control panel and enter "system" it states CPU speed as being 799Mhz, and i was wondering how to get it to show actual clock speed (which should be over 2Ghz), i have reset the bios, installed drivers from fresh, updated BIOS and drivers but it hasnt done a thing.....

thanks for any support

  Totally-braindead 09:14 10 May 06

A mobile chip on a desktop is unusual are you sure thats what you have?

That aside have you set the FSB frequency? Some boards you set it through the BIOS and some you set it via the jumpers.

Actually thinking about it, if its a mobile chip its possible this is correct, mobile chips in many cases shut down some of their features when not required as a power saving option to save battery power. And only burst into full speed when they detect this is actually necessary ie when you put them under load. This is one of the reasons they are more expensive that the desktop equivalent.

  Urbanwarrior 09:16 10 May 06

ok, that might be why then, because when i play counter-strike:source it plays fine, but i cant check the system then.... ok, i suppose it will have to do, i got the CPU with the motherboard, and its equivilant to intel 2.8Ghz (or there about)

  johnnyrocker 09:16 10 May 06

when i had this prob previously i was advised hit delete on booy up to enter set up and from there use pageup/down in the relevant section to set up correct speed. hope it helps.


  Urbanwarrior 09:20 10 May 06

ok, super, my computer is faster than pavarotti after a custard slice...


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