AMD Athlon XP CPU Retail in Box Shortage ?

  Giggle n' Bits 00:17 23 Sep 04

Does anyone know if there is a shortage or production problem with the AMD Athlon XP CPU's seems a lot of my usual haunts seem to be Out of Stock and have been for nearly a week.

Is it hte Sempron and End of the Athlon XP ?

  Sion 01:12 23 Sep 04

Bit of both. Well actually, it is both. Sempron is taking over from Athlon XP, so AMD are taking all the XP's off the market. But no fear. Sempron is just as good as AthlonXP. Well, nearly.

They are nearly as fast, but compared to Celeron D series. If I was you, just get a Sempron, but for 'true' athlon XP speeds, just add 200mhz to the Sempron rating. ie. AthlonXP 2000, get Sempron 2200.

Sempron run at a lower clock speed, but have higher Front Side Bus rating, which actually, nearly make up for the shortcomings in true clock speed. Hope this helps.

  Sion 01:15 23 Sep 04

I apologise if the above posting makes no sense. I blame cobra beer.

Sempron IS Athlon XP. AMD have merely taken the XP off the market, and rebranded them. As long as you have a motherboard that can handle a 333FSB then you are ok. Any queries, just get in contact.


  dagwoood 01:22 23 Sep 04

Slither~Man, here's an article expanding on Sion's posting(r.e.Athlon being discontinued) click here


  Giggle n' Bits 01:50 23 Sep 04

AMD messing up things nicley for me again.
Yep I am a system builder and I hate change.

AMD game me no warning of the Sempron like Britney stood me up.

Think I need some of that cobra beer, do they sell that at dabs. Sorry couldn't resited I mean resist.

Celeron D series are they labled as D series ?

As I am a AMD v Asus platform builder to use the sempron I would have to start BIOS flasing the A7V8X-X board, thats when I remember the ALT & F2.

Wonder when the technology advancement will slow down ? CPU Heatsinks will be as big as the ATx case one day if they keep the chips up.

Thanks again both and enjoy.

  dagwoood 02:06 23 Sep 04

Slither~Man, what I've found bewildering is with all their cpu's using the same ratings scheme(e.g.2400+, 3000+ etc)it's hard to find out which AMD cpu performs better than another AMD cpu.

Here's an example of what I mean. Joe Blogs is offered 3 AMD systems. They are, one with an Athlon XP 3000+, one with an Athlon64 3000+ and one with a Sempron 3100+. Now if he chose the Sempron 3100+ system because it's rated at 3100+ and he beleived it would be the faster cpu, he'd be wrong wouldn't he?

Rant over ;0)

Thank you for the thank you, dagwoood.

  Giggle n' Bits 10:20 23 Sep 04

Got to sort my chips out.

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