AMD athlon XP 2600+ confusion...

  Gaz 25 20:56 15 Jan 04

Why is this processor showing up as a speed of 1.97GHz, when the BIOS is compatible.

I thought it was 2.13GHz?

It is the 333 version, not sure if model 8 or 10 though.

Also it shows up as Unknown CPU type, but in another computer this shows up, but the speed is still 1.97GHz, and yes it is set to 166 in the Bios, and the multiplier is correct.


I have the same processor and XP says it runs at 2.09mhz with a gigabyte GA-7VA MB

I have a program called AMDCPUID but can't remember where its from, click my envelope and i'll send it to you

  Gaz 25 21:10 15 Jan 04

Could you tell the the F number, the revision number in other words?

Do you run the F11, latest revison, or the default F5?

It should say at post?

  Gaz 25 21:11 15 Jan 04

The supplier says it is a barton? Correct is he?

I am not aware of a 26 barton.

Gareth you server bounced the email because of the .exe attachment. I will zip it and try again, Stand by

I think it went through this time let me know if it got there

  Gaz 25 21:28 15 Jan 04


I havent got it in at the mo, but I can insert it to a different mobo if I just copy it to CD or floppy.

Thanks again.

its only 323kb

  Gaz 25 21:29 15 Jan 04

Its fine, ZIPs are not deleted automatically they are passed through several virus scanners and then a notification where I can collect the virus free file on my server.

Sorry about that.


No need to be sorry, its better for you in the long run as you stay virus free. I think all isp's should do the same?

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