AMD Athlon XP 2600+ 266FSB/333FSB

  Piqxel 16:18 07 Jun 03


What performance difference is there between the AMD Athlon XP 2600+ Cache Socka 266MHZ?

My M/board will only support the 266FSB and I am curious as to why there are 2 versions of this chip.

(I haven't seen the 266FSB on Dabs, Watford or PC world).



  DieSse 17:35 07 Jun 03

"I am curious as to why there are 2 versions of this chip"

Because some people, such as you, don't have motherboards with an FSB of 166/333Mhz.

  clayton 18:04 07 Jun 03

There will be 3 versions of this processor

Athlon XP 2600+: Thoroughbred, 256KB L2, 2133MHz, 266MHz FSB

Athlon XP 2600+: Thoroughbred/Thorton, 256KB L2, 2083MHz, 333MHz FSB

Athlon XP 2600+: Barton, 512KB L2, 1917MHz, 333MHz FSB

  Rayuk 18:05 07 Jun 03

You maybe curious to hear they will be producing a 2600+Barton very soon.

Although I dont know whether it will be a 333 or 400fsb.

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