Amd 2800 XP Fsb 400

Anyone heard of this processor,i came across this on ebay today have checked about on the net but have not been able to find anything. The spec is at the link below any info appreciated. click here

  Rayuk 18:39 14 Nov 03

I think the 400fsb starts at 3000+ and they are not that plentiful either.Never heard of a 2800+ 400fsb

  Quiller. 19:17 14 Nov 03

Yes I must admit that I stared at the heading twice. I thought, like Rayuk, that all xp2800+ were 333Mhz core.

Even a google search brings up nothing for a 400Mhz version of the 2800+.

  Rayuk 19:19 14 Nov 03

Have sent email to AMD when and if I get a reply will post.

  whybe 19:21 14 Nov 03

My AMD 2800 XP Barton Core bought about two months ago is 333Mhz FSB

  A Cat Called George 19:34 14 Nov 03

I've looked at the Ebay link and also looked at the AMD website. This confirmed what I thought. The 400MHz fsb was introduced with the Athlon XP3200+ cpu. The 2800 supports nothing faster than 333MHz as stated by others before me. The Ebay auction is misleading and you might like to report it to Ebay.

I also believe that the 400 series starts with the 3000, perhaps these were rejects from AMD experiments with 400 fsb technology?

my 2800+ is 333fsb

  bugzy-no1 23:37 14 Nov 03

they maybe toking abought the dd ram they use with it ,amd new chip is the 64 but i dont think there is the software for it yet

  The Sack 03:12 15 Nov 03

tehe click here and thats just ticking over to keep my RAM happy.

  goonerbill 09:36 15 Nov 03

the only 400 fsb AMD cpu is the 3200+ and if ya believe AMD, it will be the only one as the are consentrating on athlon 64 cpu's and will not be making XP cpu's any more after the 3200+ run is finished, if it aint all ready.

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