AMD 2800+ shows as AMD2200+

  Drifter 20:04 13 Mar 04

my new AMD 2800+ is shown as a 2200+, any ideas why?
It's on a Gigabyte GA7N400E-L with the clk Switch set to auto.

  keith-236785 20:13 13 Mar 04

sounds like you need to go into your bios and set the FSB to 166mhz (166*2 = 332) near enough to the 333mhz fsb of the processor (dont forget you would need PC2700 ram), dont know your particular board but most motherboards have a setting for CPU fsb.

have a look round but dont go changing things you shouldnt. tread lightly.

good luck

  Drifter 20:33 13 Mar 04

You're the man, Paperman.
One click of the mouse in the bios and it's right where it should be. Many thanks

  keith-236785 21:04 13 Mar 04

you are welcome, enjoy your new proc and spare a thought for me with my humble AMD 1800XP

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