AMD 1900+ and AsRock M/B Problems

  pops1000uk 20:49 18 Jul 04

A problem with my PC, When I set the FSB to the correct setting i.e registers as a 1900+ in bios my pc freezes, even when on bios boot up!

But when I drop the FSB speed back down so the processor registers as 1200+ in bios my pc works Great!

ASROCK Motherboard
512MB DDR PC 2100 Ram
AMD 1900+ Processor
80Gig & 120 Gig Hd.

Any ideas?

  pmjd 20:57 18 Jul 04

Have you checked to see if there are any BIOS updates that could cure your problem?

  pmjd 20:58 18 Jul 04

What model of motherboard are you using?

  woodchip 21:01 18 Jul 04

If you have Motherboard Jumpers check they are where they should be, for CPU

  pops1000uk 21:06 18 Jul 04

The bios update could be it, but cant download the bios of The Fsb jumpers are correct.

  Podsville 21:30 18 Jul 04

Am I correct in stating that an AMD 1900 does not mean it is running at 1900 khz but in fact more like 1400 khz (sorry that figure may not be stated correctly)
I just wondered if you were overclocking it and causing the lock up by maybe overheating.

Cheers P

  Podsville 21:32 18 Jul 04

maybe that should have read Gighz

  pops1000uk 21:37 18 Jul 04

My understanding is;- yes a AMD 1900+ runs at about 1400mhz. No its not over clocked. When the bios boots up it says processor AMD 1200+ but it should say AMD 1900+

The FSB is now set to 100mhz but it should be 133mhz, BUT when its on 133MHZ computer does not get past the bios

  pmjd 21:38 18 Jul 04

I have managed to download the 1.7 version of the bios. If you send me a message I can email it too you. Don't worry it's only 192 kb in size.

  Podsville 21:47 18 Jul 04

aaaaaaaarrrrrrrr I seee hhhmmmmm

  pops1000uk 21:48 18 Jul 04

Thanks pleased to know theres good ppl about! /I will try this and post a message

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