Am I using 2 firewalls?

  pookie 31 Jan 12


Windows 7 Home Premium.

I use PC Tools free firewall as a firewall and Avast as free antivirus. I notice Avast has a webshield enabled. Is that a firewall and if so can I uninstall the PC Tools firewall?

Kind regards


  rawprawn 31 Jan 12

No they are different things, Avast is just AV. You still need your firewall

  spuds 31 Jan 12

This might help a bit

Personally I wouldn't use PC Tools firewall, there are better products available for free.

  pookie 31 Jan 12

Thank you both. Which free firewall would you use? I have read Zonealarm slows pc/internet down and Commodo free internet security (firewall and antivirus) has so many pop up alerts that it has put people of using it.

  robin_x 31 Jan 12

If you have a router to connect to the Internet, a Firewall is built in. (does not apply to modems)

Additionally Windows has a software Firewall, which I find perfectly adequate. (Start Search Firewall)

General info

  pookie 31 Jan 12

Yes, I have wireless modem router with firewall enabled as well. Does that then mean that I don't need firewall software on my pc?

  robin_x 31 Jan 12

Personally, I am happy with router+Windows Firewall.

I assume you have an Antivirus as well.

  pookie 01 Feb 12

Yes, I use Avast free as antivirus. However, I have read that latest version free Commodo internet security does not slow down computers the way older versions did. I'll uninstall PC Tools and Avast and give Commodo a go.

Thanks again

  rawprawn 01 Feb 12

Windows 7 has it's own perfectly adequate Firewall, you do not need another. (Make sure it is turned ON.

Avast is one of the best free AV's, I would just use that together with windows Firewall.

  pookie 01 Feb 12

ok, thanks for the advice

  john bunyan 01 Feb 12

If PCTools is working ok, it is a good free firewall. I switched to the windows one as I had some updating issues with PCTools but whilst it was in use (free) it was fine.


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